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Between Safety and Commerce:
How Sanitary Regulations Affect Global Dairy Trade

Issue Brief 24
August 2007
By Thom Achterbosch

Read "Between Safety and Commerce: How Sanitary Measures Affects Global Dairy Trade"

To maintain safety in dairy commerce, sanitary regulations that govern global dairy trade are necessary. However, it is possible that these regulations may be used for protectionist purposes, and may hinder beneficial trade flows. To analyze to what extent sanitary requirements affect dairy trade, IPC has undertaken a survey of nine Top 20 companies that export dairy products. Written by Thom Achterbosch of Wageningen University, "Between Safety and Commerce: How Sanitary Measures Affect Global Dairy Trade" documents the trade impact of sanitary regulations, which are mainly in the form of increased costs of shipping products abroad. The Issue Brief suggests that many opportunities exist for lowering these costs by reducing regulatory divergence, and that solutions can be found through global institutions.

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March 2, 2007

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