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Joint Congress with COCERAL

37th IPC Seminar
Budapest, Hungary
May 11-12, 2006

This seminar discussed the latest developments in the ongoing WTO trade round negotiations. European Union Commissioner for Agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel, and Stuart Harbinson, Special Advisor to the Director-General, WTO, provided their perspectives on the negotiations. The seminar reflected upon the impact of the EU enlargement to include eight countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the next enlargement to include Romania and Bulgaria — both important players in European agriculture. The seminar examined the impact of these political decisions on the daily agricultural business life. Also, sustainability issues were discussed.

Key Speakers

  • József Gráf, Minister of Agriculture, Hungary
  • Mariann Fischer Boel, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Stuart Harbinson, WTO, Special Adviser to the Office of the Director-General
  • Robert L. Thompson, Gardner Chair in Agricultural Policy, University of Illinois, United States
  • Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, President of German Agricultural Society, Germany
  • Jason W. Clay, Vice President at World Wildlife Fund, United States
  • Suzanne Hunt, Biofuels Project Manager, Worldwatch Institute, United States
  • Bram Klaeijsen, Executive Vice President, Cargill Europe
  • László Rieger, Director, Agricultural and Regional Development Authority, Hungary
  • Béla Szalma, Professional Head of Dunaferr Portolan Ltd, Managing Director of Centroport Ltd, Hungary
  • Katalin Kelemen, Managing Director, Gabona Co Ltd, Hungary
  • Jerzy Plewa, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Poland
  • Tomas Doucha, Deputy Director, Czech Institute of Agricultural Economics, Czech Republic
  • Laszlo Vajda, Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary
  • Marian Bozik, Research Institute of Agriculture and Food Economics, Slovak Republic

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