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Creating Shared Value: An Effective Development Tool?

May 22, 2013

Washington, DC

This panel examined the newer business model many multilateral corporations have adopted of providing not only economic output but social value, a concept known as creating shared value.  NGOs have weighed in on the effectiveness of these efforts and some companies are working in partnership to assess the impact of these policies and to measure their effectiveness. These policies can be particularly impactful in countries developing their food and agricultural sectors.


Fulbright Center

Hogan Lovells


How the Private Sector can Work with NGOs to Enhance their Combined Effectiveness toward Sustainable Development

  • Stewart Lindsay, Bunge Limited
  • David Cleary, The Nature Conservancy

    Bunge and TNC have launched a partnership to promote the sustainable growth of agriculture in Brazil, through zoning, promotion of legal compliance, and intensification of production in environmentally suitable areas.

A Market Systems Approach to Creating Shared Value

  • Jonathan Jacoby, Oxfam America

Oxfam has partnered with many multinationals to assess the impact of their programs.

Discussant:  Ann Veneman, former Executive Director of UNICEF and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. 

Moderated by Dr. HS Dillon, Indonesia’s Presidential Special Envoy for Poverty Alleviation


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