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Conference on the Role of Trade in Food Security

October 30 , 2009

Washington, DC

12:00-6:15 pm

co-organized with the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Global food security requires ongoing investment in agricultural research and development, a
push for greater agricultural productivity, and a commitment to sound social safety nets. An
open and equitable international agricultural trade system also has a vital role to play. On October 30, CSIS, the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council, and a distinguished set ofinternational policy makers, industry leaders, and academics gathered to examine the role of trade in global food security. Building on the trade-related recommendations under consideration by the CSIS Task Force on Food Security, the discussion addressed the following questions:

• What is the contribution of international trade to food security?
• Is there an improved prospect for an international consensus?
• How should trade policy figure in the US strategy to promote global food security?





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