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Food, Fuel, and Forests: A Seminar on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Trade

May 12, 2008

Conference Proceedings

The scale of carbon emissions from deforestation has been estimated to be greater than that of the fossil-fuel intensive global transport sector, and discussions continue about how the international community can best reverse alarming trends of deforestation. Global food demand, however, is expected to double by the year 2050 due to population and income growth. Agricultural producers will benefit from this increased demand, but agricultural expansion will likely become an even greater contributor to deforestation.

Climate change concerns have also led many countries to incorporate a significant percentage of biofuels in their transport fuel. Questions are being raised about just how much certain biofuels contribute to greenhouse gas reductions, in particular when their production may cause deforestation.

Presentations and Speeches

          Keynote Address

  • Mari Pangestu, Minster of Trade, Republic of Indonesia

          Opening Remarks

  • Piet Bukman, IPC Chairman
  • H.S. Dillon, Chair, Center for Agriculture Policy Studies



              Direct and Indirect Causes of Deforestation

Seminar Press

           May 14, 2008 (Jakarta Post)

           May 13, 2008 (Kompas)

           May 13, 2008 (Jakarta Post)

           May 13, 2008 (Antara)

           May 12, 2008 (Dow Jones)

           May 10, 2008 (Jakarta Post)



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