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US and EU Food Import Requirements – the Case of Green Beans and Shrimp

June 26, 2008

AJF Auditorium, Graduate Institute of International Studies

132 Rue de Lausanne

Geneva, Switzerland


IPC's position paper, Reconciling Food Safety with Import Facilitation Objectives: Helping Developing Country Producers Meet U.S. and EU Food Requirements Through Transatlantic Cooperation," argues that there is scope for some better “streamlining” to facilitate the imports of food from developing countries, which is after all what the SPS Agreement exhorts us to do. Facilitating trade from developing countries and ensuring safety of food imports need not to be mutually exclusive.  By examining the ways in which the US, EU, and other countries could agree on some shared approach of verifying their compliance with standards or organizing joint inspections, we are in fact meeting both objectives. Even if the mission of food regulators is domestic consumer protection, it should include to the extent possible the development objectives of their national governments.




The IPC wishes to thank the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the German Marshall Fund for their generous support of this project

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